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AR-EL Automatic & C.N.C. Machining Ltd. Since 1970.

Water,gas,oil control systems

Industries such as water, power, oil & gas control systems are characterized by large integrative projects that require comprehensive solutions for perfect synchronization of multiple systems and commitment to timely delivery of the best quality components. Any delay or defect in supplying any component or system can conclude in severe negative consequences, in terms of financial and operational image of the manufacturing firm.

These industries require production of intricate equipment and applications with higher life endurance, efficiency, emission control and safety. In order to address the growing need for high temperature and pressure, you need to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of applications.

Choosing a subcontractor means finding a partner that enables you to offer new opportunities to resolve the increasing demand for high quality in terms of high pressure flow control and tubing components. It is extremely significant to select the most professional, established and reliable subcontractor, ensuring the highest standards of such components that can support your product's exact needs by means of leak- proof, temperature, cleanness and corrosion resistance.

Ar-El's knowledge and expertise, our advanced technology, machinery and production capacity enable us to serve as a subcontractor for some of the leading companies in these industries and successfully accomplish our customers' most complex and large projects.

Our subcontracting services for these industries include:

Water Systems

Oil & Gas Systems

Power Systems

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