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AR-EL Automatic & C.N.C. Machining Ltd. Since 1970.


Manufacturing innovative components often requires you to meet technical and economic challenges in utilizing complex component design, without compromising on superior material quality and component precision. The freedom of shape offered by MIM (metal injection molding) technology provides manufacturers with many advantages such as a platform for design engineers and product designers to develop creative solutions and save on costs.

Some of the MIM applications integrate turned components that are usually made of stainless steel or titanium and are generally called Housing.

The success of this kind of integration is fully dependent on the accuracy of precision machined housing.

Therefore, it is extremely significant to choose a housing subcontractor who can understand your MIM application requirements, maintain a high level of precision and material quality at a minimum cost that will contribute greatly to the effectiveness and success of your final product.  

Ar-El has the experience and knowledge to produce accurate housings for a variety of MIM applications and serves as a strategic subcontractor of some of the leading companies in the MIM field. We follow your exact specifications and needs to deliver you with excellent quality and precise components on time, every time.

Don't compromise on your housing quality for your innovative products. Contact us now.