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AR-EL Automatic & C.N.C. Machining Ltd. Since 1970.

Dental Industry

Serving your clients best means, offering them cost-effective dental implants. You have to produce the best components that create the perfect product. You need to manufacture all parts at a precise shape and size, so they integrate perfectly as a whole. To do that you need the right technology, the most advanced machines and the experience and knowledge that make it all possible.

But even if your product comes to life exactly how you have envisioned it, you need to have increased parts production capacity, alongside cutting down on costs and reducing total production time. Nevertheless, all components should qualify under uncompromising standards of accuracy, complexity and quality.

Sounds familiar?

All you need is a partner to work with as a team. One who would manufacture that exact module you need to generate your top dental implant. We are ready to be your partner

Sub-contracting services to the dental implants industries is what we do, providing you with quick solutions and easy manufacturing of small and accurate parts, compatible with your exact product specifications.

Ar-El's 40 years of experience enable our trained staff to utilize a fleet of 50 machines and use the most advanced CNC Swiss Turning technology to create even the most sophisticated part, in any capacity and at the ultimate precision.

And on top of that, you have an uncompromising QA managing system. All of our products are manufactured under ISO9001:2008 certified facility.

Our wide variety of sophisticated applications and materials include:

* Prosthetic components like: titanium mounting screws, angular parts, abutments sleeves, mounts, and more

* Various implants

* Dental surgery equipment like : tork keys, rachets, screwdrivers, drill parts, handles and more.

* Dental machinery components like : Turbine parts, nose cones, air turbines parts and micro-engines, skyler and many more

Contact us and we will create the ultimate part for you.